Monday, 3 May 2010

Yet More Dick Emery Laughs

Dick Emery Seaside Sketches

I've found a gold mine of these Dick Emery clips. I think he was definitely the funniest comedian on British Television and I shall be buying some available DVDs soon.

Meanwhile enjoy this one about the seaside 'carryings on' LOL

Hope you enjoy!

You are probably saying of me, "Oh! he is awful! But we like him" LOL


  1. I think you're right, Eddie!!! (on both counts!)
    Smiles from Jackie

  2. LOL - really funny!
    Thanks for bringing him up :)

  3. He is in rare form on this clip! He is hilarious! lol And the woman was, too! Merci beaucoup for the laughs, cher, and have a great weekend!


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