Sunday, 21 March 2010

Riverdance Beckons

Thinking of taking up Irish Tap Dancing now I have a new hip LOL
Do you think I'm up to it? Do you think the hip is up to it after just 5 weeks?
How the heck do they move their legs so quickly - and ALL in unison?

Looking for a partner - anyone interested?

Move over Michael Flatley!!

Seriously, came across the You Tube yesterday and reminded me of when I used to marvel at the dancing. The finale is superb.

I bet none of these dancers have leg circulation problems nor varacose veins!

This You Tube has a few other great takes on it.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Oldest Swinger In Town

So you think I'm the oldest swinger in town, eh!!
Well I've got one thing to say to you - read the T shirt!!! LOL
OK - I suppose now I have an artificial hip you might be tempted to say, "This chap's walking around with very little he started out with!"

No, this well loved song was a great hit and sung by a local entertainer, near Bristol. He reached number six in the UK hit parade in 1981. The man who wrote it and performed it was Fred Wedlock, a much loved fellow from the Bristol area. Sadly he died this week aged 67 after a heart attack following pneumonia.

His funeral is today, Monday 16 March in a beautiful church, St Mary Redcliffe, near the center of Bristol at 13.30hrs. It is expected the church will be packed with family, fans and friends. His daughter, Hannah Wedlock sings Jazz throughout the South West and is a highly accomplished performer.

I still find Fred's rendition of this favourite song highly amusing.


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