Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Benny Hill comedy sketch

Benny Hill was another great UK comedian and his TV shows pulled in millions of viewers.
One of his most famous characters was the Chinese chap who got his r's and l's and d's mixed up resulting in his listeners having great difficulty understanding him, much to his annoyance. In this sketch a Pakistani imigration officer also has difficulty understanding English, particulary when the China Man tries to explain things - hence him saying between his teeth, "Sirry Iriot".

Benny was a bit of an odd ball and was very absent minded. He was a very rich man and left unbanked cheques around. He was not married and 'conned' a lot of people into believing when he died they would be the recipients of large amounts of money. In fact he left them nothing and every penny when to his nephew. I can see him in my mind's eye laughing.

Benny Hill Chinaman
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus

I've 'nicked' this fantastic You Tube idea from Ann at her blog Retired and Crazy.
Just imagine the surprise on the faces of these unsuspecting diners LOL.
It would be wonderful to have that experience - one minute eating and drinking and then . . . . boy! What a powerful message. The Messiah is one of my favourites.

A standing ovation to them.

There are a number of great flash mob you tubes available on the web like this one when 300 people froze for 5 minutes and then moved on. Many instances like this happen all over the world LOL.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dave Allen Funeral Sketches

Here is a video You Tube which amused me.  It features one of my favourite comedians, Dave Allen.
Of course! LOL - you've met him here before. This time he treats us to some Irish funeral stories. Enjoy!

Talking of funerals - I have a great book called "The Book Of Heroic Failures" by Stephen Pile of The Not Terribly Good Club Of Great Britain, where success is scorned and failures encouraged with glee.  I quote from "The Funeral That Disturbed The Corpse".

Perhaps the most unsuccessful funeral ever held was that of an oriental missionary called Schwartz.  The service was held in Deli at the end of the last century and culminated in the congregation singing the favourite hymn of the recently deceased Dr Schwartz.  The mourners were surprised during the final verse to hear a loud voice from within the coffin joining in.


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