Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bread - Blooming Brilliant

I was looking for some guitar music which might interest my son who is teaching himself to play the acoustic and electric guitar. Then I remembered BREAD and David Gates from all those years ago. As soon as I played them my son loved them all too.

All three songs moved me intensely 30 years ago and believe it or not, they still do today.

The first, DIARY, is a delightful song about a young man reading a young lady's diary (naughty boy) and jumping to the wrong conclusion. Haven't we all done this from time to time? Not read ladies diaries but jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Next is a great song, LOST WITHOUT YOUR LOVE

Next is another famous BREAD song, EVERYTHING I OWN

Of course I could have mentioned many more hits like IF and others.

I hope you ladies had your handkerchiefs with you.

What a big old softy Mr Bluelights is!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Can You Do This Crossword?

At last I have found a crossword I can complete!
It is fitting this is posted on Plato's site - he would be impressed - so would Socrates!
Oh look! My old mate Spike compiled it!

One of his best known gags was from the Goon Show when he held up a scull in front of his fellow goons saying, "This scull is 200,000 years old!"

They all sang, "Happy Birthday to you!"

Did you know that Spike left these immortal words on his grave headstone as his epitaph?




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