Saturday, 2 January 2010

Can You Do This Crossword?

At last I have found a crossword I can complete!
It is fitting this is posted on Plato's site - he would be impressed - so would Socrates!
Oh look! My old mate Spike compiled it!

One of his best known gags was from the Goon Show when he held up a scull in front of his fellow goons saying, "This scull is 200,000 years old!"

They all sang, "Happy Birthday to you!"

Did you know that Spike left these immortal words on his grave headstone as his epitaph?




  1. Uhmmm...I'm thinking. Being an English major, I should be able to get this one. letter....
    This one is not beyond me, Eddie.
    I'm gonn a work on it... a nd when I think
    of it, I'll get back to you...
    A good one. I needed a smile.
    How did you know!

  2. P.S.
    Where DO they powers that 'be' in blogland come up with those verifcation words that I have to type in.
    I'm going to start keeping a list of them....
    THOSE would be words for the crossword puzzle from ___ wouldn't they!
    Nuther hug,

  3. "Adishi"...
    Yep, that was the verification word for the above comment. Love it (whatever it means!!)

  4. "shedamea"....that one was for the above one.
    I'm not, I'll stop...because I know this will go on forrrever....but a gurl's gotta have fun!

  5. Golly Jackie! What are you on tonight?
    Love the verification but none of them fit the clue so they are ALL disqualified.
    I have it by good authority that men in white coats are approaching to come and take me away!!
    Have you noticed I am at my happiest when I am extremely silly?
    I think it is catching!
    I expect when I check my post tomorrow there will be 250+ comments to see!!
    What have I started?
    I think I might do a slightly harder crossword with THE DEFINITE ARTICLE as a clue. This one will be for advanced crossword addicts.
    Eddie X

  6. I had so much fun reading Jackie's comments and your response....good fun......:-) Hugs

    a.....hhhhhhh I'll let you know when I figure out your crossword. LOL

  7. I wonder what Bernie's verification word was...
    :)) I'm so happy that fun was had here.
    I always have fun at your site, Eddie.
    I'm home from church....about to take my afternoon cat nap...and then back to church tonight.
    Thank you for your smiles, my friend.
    Bye Eddie. Bye Bernie!
    Warmest smiles from Jackie

  8. Well, my dear've made me a very happy lady today...FINALLY, a crossword puzzle for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always hated them...isn't that hilarious? An English Instructor and writer HATES crosswords puzzles...don't like fitting the letters into such tiny spaces...arghhhh!!!!!!!!! AND absolutely love the Goons singing Happy Birthday...broke into hysterical laughter when I read that!!! And Jackie...such a kidder!!!! The two of you are a comedy team!!!! What fun going on here in the back rooms of C &SL....such a delightful secret garden this place is!!! I'm so glad that you let me in...or perhaps, those men in the white coats did...LOL...Much love to you, Jackie and Bernie--the best mates in this crazy place!!! Janine

  9. Hullo Eccles!
    Spike Milligan a fantastic man one of Ireland's famous sons. I'm on the third reading of his books which still make me laugh.
    Happy New year to you Eddie

  10. Ying tong ying tong. Ying tong ying tong. Ying tong iddle I po, Ying tong ying tong.

  11. Way beyond me on a Sunday. And a Saturday, Friday, Thursday etc etc etc.Been a long week.


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