Sunday, 26 April 2009

And Lead Us Not Into Temptation - Part 3 (addendum)

To see the start of this love story go to Episode 1

It must have been the magical properties of the lake because after a few hours they were both young again - he particularly so - a real transformation!

She whispered something it his ear about her driving him to a wonderful place far, far away. She told him to get in her car go to sleep and she would drive like the clappers right through the night but for him not to worry for at the end of it she would sing him a lovely song. She warned him she would suddenly appear in a red dress and it would keep changing colours throughout the song.

Now with that wonderful introduction make switch off the lights and enjoy the video - it does take a while to start so please be patient.

Did you notice the remarkable effect she had on him? A young man again! Fancy that!

To return to sanity please click on SANITY . This will return you to where you were were when you took this mad detour!

I like this song very much - I think Celine Dion's version is by far the best, then Roy Orbison, then Cindi's but I used her's because she is more in character with the lady I feel, although much more 'loopy', surely!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Hello Folks, Sorry Plato is on holiday right now

I'm sorry, Plato is not here. He in on holiday visiting Rhodes with Socrates.
He hopes to be back soon.

Please leave an appropriate message for him but do not tax his brain too much for he is working on a very complicated concept requiring full concentration, his next blog.
Ideas please!
Confessions please!
Comments please!
For a more sensible response please contact Eddie Bluelights on Clouds and Silvery Linings. Perhaps you should have gone there first!


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