Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Oi! Skip! Yer Must Be 'Wheely' Loaded!

Surprising what you see blocking the road these days!

I had my camera on board a minibus I was driving this afternoon and shot this unusual scene LOL The incident delayed me for about 10 minutes.

The poor bloke was trying to operate the hydraulics to get a very heavy skip on board and his front wheels were lifted clean off the ground.  The whole thing almost tipped over backwards into the front of a house.  In the end he just 'went for it' and as the centre of gravity of the load on the fulcrum of the rear wheels  passed towards the lorry the front wheels crashed to the ground, he jumped in and drove off.

Motto - always have camera with you!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Two Ronnies - Egyptian Hieroglyphics

I expect most people will remember the 1980's TV series on BBC television called The Two Ronnies featuring Ronnie Corbett and the late Ronnie Barker.

One of my favourites is about Egyptian Hieroglyphics featuring Ronnie Barker.
Hope you like.  I'll post a few more of these.


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