Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Now Goodness Gracious Me - Bangers And Mash Please!

Boy have I got a treat for you today!

My heart throb lady is there, Sophia Loren, whom I loved so much when I was a young buck. She was not actually the most beautiful lady on the planet but she was certainly the most attractive and turned every head in every room she entered which reflected the charisma she had. Today she is 76 and the same age as Joan Collins, and even now they can both turn heads. I saw Joan Collins on the TV recently being interviewed by Piers Morgan, who will be taking over The Sunday Roast quite soon, and she was fabulous.

The male treat I have for you is one of my favourite comedians who died quite young. He married a film star, Britt Ekland whom I also liked. (No wonder the poor chap had a heart attack with all these attractive ladies around him)

Peter Sellers was one of the famous goons and he was glorious as Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther movies. I still maintain the best Panther movie was his first with David Niven, who should have been the star of the film, but Peter Sellers stole the show with his brilliance.

Peter Sellers teamed up with Sophia Loren to make a famous film and two hit recordings. I have found two YouTube Clips of both hits they made together.

First is Give Us A Hash At The Bangers And Mash and you know it could almost be Eddie Bluelights and Lola singing LOL - but shhh I don't want to make Marguerite jealous LOL!

And of course the other is from their famous film, Goodness Gracious Me.

I thought at one stage she was going to say to him, "Oh you are awful - but I like you!"

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Father Of The Bride Speech - Rowan Atkinson

I hope I never have to make a speech like this! LOL

Sorry, daughter I know I won't!

Isn't it glorious? LOL

Monday, 12 April 2010

Dick Emery Driving Test Centre Sketch

Dick Emery was a great British comedian and as a boy my family always watched the Dick Emery show every week.

I stumbled across this hilarious YouTube of his Driving Test Centre sketch in which he uses all his main characters. I like the vicar with the false teeth and the lady who says, "Oh you are awful - but I like you!" I found it a hoot.

Hope you enjoyed it.

By popular demand of one 'invisible lady' viewing this post who allegedly had a laughing fit and was reduced to tears and unable to comment I am adding another Youtube dealing with what some of the characters would do on bank holidays. This features another British comedienne, Pat Coombs who appears in the lengthy last scene and next door neighbour to the lady who swapped the hanging baskets.

Hope you enjoyed that one - plenty more where that came from LOL.

Oh shall I treat you to one more? Oh go on then - the milkman - we used to have door to door delivery before the advent of supermarkets and hypermarkets. I am told there were some naughty goings on as well - wouldn't know for sure I was only a lad!! LOL

Somehow I can hear you all saying, "Oh! You ARE awful! But I like you!! LOL
Now get on with your work!! LOL


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