Monday, 28 June 2010

Reminds Me Of My Ambulance Days

Well, I found this YouTube and although we never did this sketch we had some good fun.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mozart Clarinet Quintet In A K581

This is one of my favourite pieces of music.

I always love to listen to stuff like this when I am decorating and doing jobs around the house. So you might imagine the CDs and classical radio have been working overtime during our recent kitchen refurbishments.

A good friend of mine has been pushing herself a bit too hard of late, so my advice is to get a hunk of cheese and some crackers, tie yourself in a chair, and listen to this wonderful music by my all time favourite composer . . . Mozart himself. This is the slow movement, the Larghetto, although it is all wonderful.

I was rather amused by some of the camera work during this piece. Just as the violin took over the melody the video zoomed in on the wrong instrument, the cello. I used to do the same thing sometimes when I was videoing my daughter's musicals, like Guys and Dolls. And if you zoom back to where it should be it makes things worse because the action has moved to yet another place - and you end up playing catch up! I had a little chuckle over this.

This lyrical masterpiece compliments the more famous Clarinet Concerto, which is equally beautiful.

Just where did this man get his melodies? He was taken from life very young, aged just 35, generally understood from Rheumatic Fever. Just imagine what he might have produced had he lived to 60 or 70. The mind boggles.

Oh and I suppose I had better end by telling you my joke:
Q. What did Mozart start doing as soon as he died?
A. Decomposing of course!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Dave Allen's Hilarious Video On 'Sperm'

Now this video clip had me rolling about with uncontrollable laughter. The man is a comic genius.

The subject today is highly unusual and I do not think the way Dave deals with this is in any way offensive.

See what you think LOL

Hope you enjoyed it.

Now you may be wondering just who is this Dave Allen that Eddie is always talking about? I've got some information about him.

Dave Allen, the irreverent and quirky Dublin-born comedian, has died at the age of 68, his agent said today. Allen, born Dave Tynan O'Mahoney in July 1936, died in his sleep at his home in west London. The cause of his death is not yet known. His relaxed and intimate style had a huge impact on British comedy, and his taboo-breaking, expletive-ridden musings on subjects such as sex and Catholicism paved the way for future generations of comedians. He became a household name in Britain in the 70s thanks to the success of his TV shows Tonight With Dave Allen and Dave Allen at Large.

Allen learned his trade the old-fashioned way, touring extensively with theatre groups and performing in nightclubs and working men's clubs. His first television break came in Australia, when his own show, Tonight With Dave Allen, was commissioned in 1963. Initially intended to run for eight weeks, its popularity was so great that it lasted 18 months. He returned to England and appeared on the ATV television show Sunday Night at the Palladium alongside the Beatles. His appearance on the Val Doonican Show in 1965 led to the BBC offering him his own show. The result, the British version of Tonight With Dave Allen, began in 1968, and its wittily engaging and informative style proved an immediate success. In 1971, BBC2 commissioned Dave Allen at Large. With a mixture of straight to camera monologues and sketches, it became one of the decade's highest-rating programmes, although satirical attacks on religion meant controversy was rarely far away. During the 70s, Allen also returned to acting, appearing on the London stage in several productions, produced documentaries for the BBC and American TV, and wrote several books.

In 1978, he appeared in an Alan Bennett play for television, and returned to live stand-up comedy with successful tours of Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In 1981, a two-week engagement at the Wilbur theatre in Boston proved less successful, with the US audiences finding the sacrilegious content of his act more difficult to stomach.His superb storytelling ability ensured that he remained on TV screens until recent years. Between 1981 and 1990, he made two series, simply entitled Dave Allen, for the BBC, and one for ITV in 1993-94. His use of a swear word on air in 1990 prompted the BBC to issue a public apology and MPs to ask questions about him in the Commons. Allen, who is survived by his wife and three children, spent recent years in semi-retirement.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Have you ever given up smoking?

I have, 40 years ago and it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life - but I made it.
Nicotine is a powerful drug and apparently almost as difficult as heroine to stop taking.
I was a 40 cigarette a day man and was an total addict. Several of us at work were trying to stop so 6 of us were resolved one day to actually try to 'kick the nasty habit', after all if God had intended us to smoke he would have put chimneys on our heads wouldn't he? It was about this time I started long distance running. I was a fair distance runner at school and it was a delight to start again. My times over a six mile run reduced significantly and I became quite fit with a pulse rate at rest of just 47 beats per minute. You might say I was Puffed Out!!

On the day in question all six of us placed our names on a sheet of paper in the printing room and after each day we filled in a little square which we continued to do after each day. The Publications Manager was a complete flop - he lasted just 20 minutes. Various other people sneaked off the the toilets with increasing frequency for a quiet and crafty 'drag' but after a week three of us kept going. We bolstered ourselves by adding on our no smoking corner anti - smoking notices. At the time there was an advertisement, "People think the world of Lambert and Butler". I modified this to read, "Funeral Directors think the world of Lambert and Butler".

It was difficult for 6 months and even up to a year I could easily have started again. When I stopped the cost was 3s 6p (old money) which equates to 17.5 new pence for 20. Now they are £5 per 20. That is over 28 times as much - I must have saved a small fortune.

All this leads to our old friend Dave Allen and his attempts to stop the evil habit. Enjoy!


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