Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Have you ever given up smoking?

I have, 40 years ago and it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life - but I made it.
Nicotine is a powerful drug and apparently almost as difficult as heroine to stop taking.
I was a 40 cigarette a day man and was an total addict. Several of us at work were trying to stop so 6 of us were resolved one day to actually try to 'kick the nasty habit', after all if God had intended us to smoke he would have put chimneys on our heads wouldn't he? It was about this time I started long distance running. I was a fair distance runner at school and it was a delight to start again. My times over a six mile run reduced significantly and I became quite fit with a pulse rate at rest of just 47 beats per minute. You might say I was Puffed Out!!

On the day in question all six of us placed our names on a sheet of paper in the printing room and after each day we filled in a little square which we continued to do after each day. The Publications Manager was a complete flop - he lasted just 20 minutes. Various other people sneaked off the the toilets with increasing frequency for a quiet and crafty 'drag' but after a week three of us kept going. We bolstered ourselves by adding on our no smoking corner anti - smoking notices. At the time there was an advertisement, "People think the world of Lambert and Butler". I modified this to read, "Funeral Directors think the world of Lambert and Butler".

It was difficult for 6 months and even up to a year I could easily have started again. When I stopped the cost was 3s 6p (old money) which equates to 17.5 new pence for 20. Now they are £5 per 20. That is over 28 times as much - I must have saved a small fortune.

All this leads to our old friend Dave Allen and his attempts to stop the evil habit. Enjoy!


  1. He is always so funny!! It doesn't much matter what the topic...he can weave a hilarious tale ...Oh,my...I remember when my Mom quit smoking...so very, very difficult for people. Times have changed, haven't they? Smoking isn't glamorized as it once was...thank goodness! And you know what? Your stories were as funny as Mr. Allen's...Loved the introduction to the video!! You are a natural, my friend!!! Love and hugs, Janine

  2. I have been away a long time, Eddie...but I knew that when I came back, you would have a smile....and I am never disappointed.
    I'm glad that you perservered...and quit smoking and saved a small fortune. Could you give me a loan? :)))
    Always a pleasure to be here...and you know that I smile when I see Mr. Blue Eyes'...err..Bluelight's name!
    Hugs and smiles to you, Eddie!!

  3. Hi Eddie
    This really struck a cord my husband is trying to give up -and my goodness is he going through it
    He is turning into a munch alcoholic.
    He has been smoking for over 40 years too.

  4. Hi Valleys
    Thanks for the visit.
    I feel very sympathetic towards your hubby.
    It is really very diffucult to kick this addictive habit.
    Please encourage him to persevere. The first 3 months are the worst! It gradually gets easier from then. And I am afraid alcohol drinking, like beer, makes the craving worse.
    Hibernate for 6 months and he will be OK. LOL

  5. Good for you, mon cher, for quitting! It is quite a beast to tame. Hilarious video! That guy is a hoot, but you are even funnier, cher! Cheers!


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