Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mozart Clarinet Quintet In A K581

This is one of my favourite pieces of music.

I always love to listen to stuff like this when I am decorating and doing jobs around the house. So you might imagine the CDs and classical radio have been working overtime during our recent kitchen refurbishments.

A good friend of mine has been pushing herself a bit too hard of late, so my advice is to get a hunk of cheese and some crackers, tie yourself in a chair, and listen to this wonderful music by my all time favourite composer . . . Mozart himself. This is the slow movement, the Larghetto, although it is all wonderful.

I was rather amused by some of the camera work during this piece. Just as the violin took over the melody the video zoomed in on the wrong instrument, the cello. I used to do the same thing sometimes when I was videoing my daughter's musicals, like Guys and Dolls. And if you zoom back to where it should be it makes things worse because the action has moved to yet another place - and you end up playing catch up! I had a little chuckle over this.

This lyrical masterpiece compliments the more famous Clarinet Concerto, which is equally beautiful.

Just where did this man get his melodies? He was taken from life very young, aged just 35, generally understood from Rheumatic Fever. Just imagine what he might have produced had he lived to 60 or 70. The mind boggles.

Oh and I suppose I had better end by telling you my joke:
Q. What did Mozart start doing as soon as he died?
A. Decomposing of course!


  1. Beautiful piece! And that Mozart joke was awful, but I liked it! lol Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day, cher! Cheers!

  2. The music from the clarinet is absolutely beautiful!
    This piece is restful to me....
    I admire anyone who plays the violin....such a hard instrument to master.
    Thank you for sharing this, Eddie.

  3. the joke has me in ABSOLUTE hysterics!!!!! Too funny...And I'm off to grab some cheese and crackers...and will play this pronto...I LOVE Mozart!!!!! Love classical music actually...Classical was a favorite with Mom and Dad...and whenever I get stressed, out comes the classical...BTW, the only thing in my life I have EVER WON (in terms of drawings and prizes) was a T-shirt from my favorite classical radio station...On the front of the shirt was a picture of Mozart in shades...holding a collection of CDs...I don't usually like printed t-shirts...but this one is my absolute FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, enuf...I'm off for the goodies and starting up the music!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are the absolute BEST!!!!! Love and hugs, Janine

  4. Ahhh, simply PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Janine

  5. I am not really familiar with this piece, but this movement is wonderfully relaxing and conducive to contemplation. I often think about where composers get melodies. I am especially confounded by someone like Debussy and some of his strange orchestrations and melodies--like how does something like this enter one's mind. And so many composers left at such young ages. My favorite is Schubert--he left far too early.

    You might like to check out a week of posts I did about classical music that began with some of my favorites. I'd love to get your thoughts on some of what I said.

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