Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Benny Hill comedy sketch

Benny Hill was another great UK comedian and his TV shows pulled in millions of viewers.
One of his most famous characters was the Chinese chap who got his r's and l's and d's mixed up resulting in his listeners having great difficulty understanding him, much to his annoyance. In this sketch a Pakistani imigration officer also has difficulty understanding English, particulary when the China Man tries to explain things - hence him saying between his teeth, "Sirry Iriot".

Benny was a bit of an odd ball and was very absent minded. He was a very rich man and left unbanked cheques around. He was not married and 'conned' a lot of people into believing when he died they would be the recipients of large amounts of money. In fact he left them nothing and every penny when to his nephew. I can see him in my mind's eye laughing.

Benny Hill Chinaman
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  1. I laughed "for heifer" when I heard this. It was hard to understand at first....but scarily, I began to understand him more and more. :)))) I notice that it took a lot for Benny Hill to not laugh at times! :))) Lots of 'punny' lines...typical of Benny H.
    Thanks for sharing, Eddie.

  2. He was great Eddie, and has always been able to make me laugh. He also looks remarkably like my brother (or my brother looks like him) my family have always thought this except my brother..lol

  3. I remember sneaking out of bed and watching Benny Hill from the doorway of my parent's bedroom, and being so young the sexual innuendo went completely over my head.

  4. Love Benny Hill! Used to watch his show at my MIL's house, as he was her favorite! He is a riot and this clip cracked me up! Hilarious! LOL

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