Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dave Allen Funeral Sketches

Here is a video You Tube which amused me.  It features one of my favourite comedians, Dave Allen.
Of course! LOL - you've met him here before. This time he treats us to some Irish funeral stories. Enjoy!

Talking of funerals - I have a great book called "The Book Of Heroic Failures" by Stephen Pile of The Not Terribly Good Club Of Great Britain, where success is scorned and failures encouraged with glee.  I quote from "The Funeral That Disturbed The Corpse".

Perhaps the most unsuccessful funeral ever held was that of an oriental missionary called Schwartz.  The service was held in Deli at the end of the last century and culminated in the congregation singing the favourite hymn of the recently deceased Dr Schwartz.  The mourners were surprised during the final verse to hear a loud voice from within the coffin joining in.


  1. Eddie, Eddie....what can I say...?? :)))
    I can say this: I think Dave Allen was one good-looking man. He was a brilliant comedian.
    And, I have to admit that I smiled at the very last moment of the video.
    I have often wondered what my funeral would be like....and wish I could be a Tom Sawyer and "be there" unnoticed to watch it....:))....
    but, thankfully, I will be in a much grander place long before the services commence.
    Thank you for sharing another smile, my friend.
    Warmest smiles to you,

  2. Oh this is so funny, I am still chuckling over it Eddie.....:-)Hugs

  3. Very good. Mustn't say all the good ones were yesteryear but I do wonder.

  4. Hello Eddie!:)

    I like this blog too. I am glad to be back and very happy to be able to visit again. You were one of the firsts I looked for when I returned but had problem leaving message at the time and so here I am.

    I had to strain my ear a little to understand the video but it was cute:)

  5. Omg! That is a riot! LOL Don't know how I missed this one! Merci for the laughs, mon ami!


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