Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lottery Win

I've won the lottery!

. . . excuse me while I count my money! 

ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR . . . . . . .  

s m i l i n g . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Still counting . . . . . . 

Perhaps some long lost relatives will now be starting to crawl out of the woodwork LOL

Well I've added a bit more . . . .
First my comment:

"Just wanted to see if this news boosted my comment tally and my followers! LOL"

Well the experiment has worked. So far I have had a passing Heron fly in, a retired teacher with a lot of smiles visiting several times, a supremo artist/writer/journalist/you name it and she can do wonderfully, a sister, me (several times), a hound dog LOL, a chef/cookbook writer who might be Bonnie in Bonnie & Clyde plus her friend, a mysterious lady called Cleo - the latter two want me to fly over to help spend my money and say they will send a limo for starters!!  What next I wonder! I've just bought the tickets!

That is so far!! . . . . . a very encouraging experiment but wait until the news really breaks in the tabloids LOL


  1. Just wanted to see if this news boosted my comments tally and my followers LOL
    Only kidding of course - but wait! I haven't checked the lottery results yet! LOL

  2. Lottery or no lottery, you know I'll be here....
    and of course....if you win, don't forget I'll be baaaaaaaaaack!! (I left another comment on my blog for you. I think that's do make me smile!)
    P.S. I didn't realize that your long-lost relative crawled. Hmmmmmm.'ve done a geneology search I take it? (Couldn't resist....and cringe....knowing that remark won't go unanswered...) Be kind....puhllllllleze.

  3. Ha'h I have won the Lottery several times, it never changed my life style or turned my head, neither did it bring any long lost relatives or extra friends to my door.

    Then I suppose it is the amount rather the win and the €20.00 is an insufficient to attract leeches :)

  4. Jackie - Je ne comprend pas! Long lost relative? Crawled? Ah I see! The light has just come on! . . . crawled! err! yes . . . . but I have not won the lottery yet and I won't be able to see who it is, and whether they crawl, until I do win and they come out of the wood work.
    It's just a saying here in little Olde England, "Someone crawls out of the woodwork" when they come into a lot of money and SUDDENLY as if by magic relatives renew aquaintances as if by magic and hold out their hands for a bob or two or six. See what I mean! At first I thought you were alluding to the fact I descended from the trees and my ancestors crawled. Actually I used to crawl once when I was very young!
    I am about to embark on an instant trans-atlantic space-time travel to your blog to see what nice things you might have said about me (or not) LOL. Hugs ~ Eddie
    PS If I actually win the lottery I shall come over and see you and will bring a tent so I can camp in your back yard. See I remember what you call it - we call it a garden.
    PPS Keep smiling!

  5. Heron ~ Glad you were able to fly in after finding the co-ordinates to this very difficult and out of the way location. I too win the lottery regularly but only £10 at a time. I once had three numbers, hence £10 once week and three numbers, hence another £10 the following week. Had I managed to combine the two weeks into 6 winning numbers I might be facing some relatives I have not seen for years crawling out of the woodwork.

    Btw ~ My theory has worked. By actually announcing I have won the lottery when in fact I hadn't I have increased my hit rate enormously from zero to 5, or is it 6. Just wait until the news makes page one of the Newspapers.

  6. ROFL!!!!!!!!! I'm putting my hand out...I will claim to be family if you have won the lottery!!! ROFL...and I will crawl on hands and knees, begging...;-)) Just kidding!!! Very funny!!! Love the new look here as well!!! I think I've missed some fine posts ...must catch up...Will be back!!! Hugs, Janine

  7. Ah, Eddie... I knew the expression "crawled out of the woodwork"...we use it here. I was indeed being "funny" (cough) referring to your relatives crawling....awful of me, wasn't it??!!
    Yep...I can try and evoke a smile...and hope you know that it is only in fun....and you do bring smiles to me. Your comments on my blog just keep a'coming.... I won't try to outcomment you over there....I know I'll lose......but....I love the trying!!! :))))
    Smiles to you my friend!!!!!

  8. P.S. Let me know if your tally number has gone up) :))))))))))

    Smiles from Jackie

  9. (Shucks! Four of 'em are MINE!! )

  10. Jackie LOL
    And four of them arfe mine - but that gives a net increase of n%

  11. Marguerite when you manage to visit ~ I had to entice you into my den somehow so what better way than to say I have won the lottery. Trouble is I don't know now whether you like me for my money or . . . just me! LOL

  12. Eddie, in the lottery of life, I won when I found your blog.

    Oh, my, I can't half lay it on, eh?

  13. Suldog ~ LOL What took you so long, mate? Couldn't you find the right co-ordinates?
    Great to find you here my great blogging adversary and friend LOL.

  14. My, my, sorry I'm late to the party! LOL Not only will long lost relatives "come out of the woodwork", but friends and friends of friends, too! LOL You crack me up, cher and are so clever and canaille, too! LOL Now you will have to get on a plane and fly across the pond and Cleo and I will be happy to help you spend it! Perhaps we could pick you up in a limo, at the New Orleans airport, for starters?! LOL Cheers!

  15. Thank you Eddie for your sweet comments on my blog....
    Hugs to you,

  16. Well I'm a relative :-)
    I have a feeling I would have heard about it if it had have been THE lottery!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  17. Maguerite - just bought the tickets - on my way! You and Cleo wear a red rose so know who you are - I will be the chap with expectant eyes!! . . . . wondering what next! LOL

  18. Maggie - oh sorry did I not tell you? LOL

  19. BlogLand ~ where are you? I was expecting a trillion begging letters!

  20. Tsk, tsk, Eddie.....NOT telling Maggie May!!
    You get 50 lashes from wet spaghetti noodles....and I will be sure and keep Maggie informed of any and all fortunes coming your way.


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