Monday, 11 October 2010

Dave Allen on Telling The Time

Absolutely amazing hilarity!!
A masterpiece of teaching a kid to tell the time!!  . . . enjoy!

And after that an Eddie joke, sorry:
Q.  What goes tick tock, tick tock, wuff wuff?
A.  A watch dog


  1. Oh my, Eddie!!!
    I thought I knew how to tell time.
    It seemed so simple. Now, I understand why and how children get confused when they are learning to tell time! :)) He is a funny guy...and I loved being the 'kid' asking the questions that Dave so humorously answered. A great comic...and I'm going to take some time to rethink this whole time-telling thing. Seems tooooo complicated and confusing now that I've heard him explain it...:))) (Just VERY thankful he didn't go into military time!!!)
    Thanks so much for messing with a brain that was already muddled! (that would be mine.)
    Wonderful smiling post, Eddie.
    Smiles and hugs,
    P.S. My word verification was "stesses"....left the "r" out after the "t"....or it would have fit me perfectly!!!!!

  2. HILARIOUS! LOL So refreshing, after reading all of the serious discussions going around Blogland, today! Whew! So glad to know that someone else is happy and laughing! LOL Cheers, cher!

  3. Oh, Eddie!!!! This is particularly funny for me as my son did not want to learn to read the time...he still could care less about time...always late...always leisurely...I was mortified for soo long because as a child he would NOT learn to read a clock...eventually, he learned...and that digital thing is hilarious!!!! Love, love, love this!!!!! Hugs, Janine


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