Saturday, 1 May 2010

Another Great Dick Emery Video

Thinking of you particularly, Jackie!!
I know you like these. Here is the vicar for you - well it is Sunday tomorrow!! LOL
But it is great to welcome everyone. Hey folks! Be careful what you say - he is very sensitive on certain words. Hope you all enjoy it. Golly! he gets through a lot of crockery, doesn't he?

Jackie - inspired by your nice blue top I was trying earlier to find Stanley Holloway singing "A dark Girl Dressed In Blue!" Alas there is no Youtube but I found an MP3 version which I will have ready soon I hope.

And here is part of an interview when Michael Parkinson interviewed Dick - very funny!

I am rather quiet in blogland at present - I have a lot on and cannot devote much time to it for now.

Hugs to all!


  1. Eddie...thank you! He is a funny man. I am learning new "English" words, I see.. :)))
    I hope that you are taking care of your new hip...and are not overdoing.
    Thank you for the smiles....and the videos.
    Smiles right back to you!

  2. He is so very, very funny, Eddie!! The flying teacups are hilarious! Oh, dearie side hurts...I've been laughing so hard! Thanks for sharing these! They are truly comedic treasure! You have such a wonderful way of brightening every day! Hugs, Janine

  3. I'm with Janine! You do have such a wonderful way of brightening every day! Loved the videos! lol Cheers, cher!


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