Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Spring Sonata Beethoven

Hi Folks - Spring is almost over and Summer beckons.

I always love this time because it really does put a spring in my step - especially now I have a new hip. I do like it warm and perhaps I am a sunshine boy!

At about this time I am always reminded of Beethoven's Spring Sonata for Violin and Piano.
Here is the entire work in all four wonderful movements, but the first movement is the most well known. It's a bit lengthy but beautiful and of course it is played by Anne Sophie Mutter on violin. The pianist is Lambert Orkis who the pianist is but he is brilliant too. The whole of the sonata is fantastic - all four movements.

Hope you liked it.


  1. Nothing short of breath-taking.
    I admire great musicians. I watched her play....noting that she memorized the entire movement. The pianist is spectacular....
    I was mesmerized; thank you for sharing.

  2. One of my all time favorites...and I ALWAYS dreamed of playing the violin...sigh...Fantastic, Eddie! Love it! Hugs, Janine


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