Thursday, 5 January 2012

Jacques Loussier plays J. S. Bach: Sicilienne in G Minor

Anyone remember the Jacques Loussier trio?

Going back a little to the '60's and '70's he was very popular. The trio was formed in 1959 and disbanded in 1978. Personally I did not like every number they recorded, but this one really 'grabbed' me, an adaptation of J S Bach's beautiful Sicilienne, originally played on the flute.

Hope you enjoyed it.

I have found another version by Juliette Hurel on the wooden flute illustrating J S Bach's original version but perhaps it is played a little too quickly for my taste.


  1. I don not remember the Jacques Loussier trio.
    I listened to both of these...with my eyes closed. I love Sicilienne in G Minor.
    Eddie... Do you play the piano often?
    Thank you for sharing these. I found the flute to be quite bright...I enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Jackie
    Glad you like these musical posts. I do love music as you can see.

    Bach's Sicilienne in G Minor is definitely on my list to play and I think it may be not too difficult.

    I do not play the piano nearly as often as I would like. I am totally out of practice. I was a self taught player and did not learn all the correct techniques and fingering and consequently I learned a lot of bad habits but could sight read reasonably well, but slowly with a lot of mistakes LOL. I keep promising myself more time on the piano. I surprised my son recently when I played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and some Bach Preludes and Fugues. He had never heard me play in 20 years LOL.

    I hope I can drum up some interest in this column.

    I bet you play well and with the correct technique.

    Smiles and hugs ~ Eddie

  3. I would be nice to hear you play, Eddie...perhaps you could record and post on this blog.
    I am impressed with your talents, my friend....


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