Monday, 2 January 2012

Bach Piano Concerto in A Major BWV 1055

J S Bach has always been one of my absolute favourite composers. I love all his piano concertos, all his violin concertos, all his keyboard works, all his choral works, in fact all his work. His style is always lively, melodic and uplifting. In most cases the music reminds me of a ball bouncing along in time to the beat. I am sure when he died he did not start decomposing - in fact I truly believe he is up there right now, with the other greats, still composing new masterpieces for all to enjoy. What a treat we shall have when we get there, and I really wonder exactly what they have in store for us.

Some eminent musicians say Bach was the greatest jazz musician of all time, which I find amusing and I can see some truth in it.

I came across this YouTube gem of David Fray conducting and playing the first movement of Bach's piano concerto in A major. They are rehearsing for the launch of him recording the audio CDs of  four concertos for Virgin Records. Bach actually wrote six keyboard concertos so I hope the remaining two will be recorded in due course.

Notice this brilliant Frenchman's technique,  his dexterity and delightful phrasing plus his rather cheeky interpretation, which may annoy some 'stuffy' purists who should really know better because if they are that inflexible they should not be listening to a piano version anyway because J S Bach wrote all his keyboard pieces for the harpsichord.  Back to Mr Fray.  Did you notice the way he almost rides the piano, how low he holds his head and the way he plays with such enthusiasm. Did you see him turn the music page when really he never needs to look at any of it throughout the entire movement. He plays the piece with perfect ease and looks as though he has plenty left in the tank for whatever further technical demands which may be made of him, no matter what. This piece is taken from a rehearsal and for those interested there follows a longer version which includes him asking the orchestra to play according to his wishes, which sometimes elicits a few turned up noses - it makes a fascinating study. This guy is a true craftsman and I am currently considering buying him playing all four Bach Piano Concerto on the one CD - a bargain from Amazon.

Well time for cheese and biscuits again with some vino and sit back and enjoy.

And after all this, I have just found a glowing review of Mr Fray's rendition of his recordings.  I am so pleased that someone who knows what they are talking about likes them as much as me.  If you have time after commenting here, please have a look:

Oh and no doubt Mrs Bluelights would probably say he should get his hair cut and how on earth can he play without getting in his eyes every few seconds LOL.


  1. Getting new speakers for my PC today. I'll be back when I can properly listen to this.
    In the meantime, I send you smiles.
    Happy New Year, my friend....

  2. Ahhh...yes.
    He plays with love for the music and he feeeeeels his music.
    A big difference between someone who simply "plays" and one who feels it.
    He's an acoomplished pianist.
    This is a wonderful video, Eddie.
    Thank you for sharing it. I wouldn't have heard it otherwise.


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