Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bizet Symphony In C

One of my favourite symphonies is by Georges Bizet, perhaps most famous for his Opera, Carmen.

I have always loved this symphony and my interest was rekindled recently when I came across this version, conducted by Avi Ostowski from Poland, conducting a very lively Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.

I am posting just the last movement but the other three can easily be found near it on You Tube.

I am fascinated watching this as I listen because of the sheer speed of the piece requiring pin point accuracy in timing and unison - just look at the first violins in action and I was also interested in how they managing to turn the sheet music pages so quickly and flawlessly.

Also the conductor manages easily to extract the last ounce of expression and pace from his orchestra - superb in every way.

I have an LP record somewhere which I intend to run through my Audio Program on my computer to make a CD version, along with quite a lot of other favourites.  It keeps the lad occupied and out of trouble lol.

Enjoy - it is really special.

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  1. I love strings, Eddie.
    Just love them!
    I only can play them by using functions of my keyboard, (never have tried to play a stringed instrument) (except guitar - does that count! :) ) ...but rest assured, I use the strings function on my keyboard often.
    And...turning the pages while playing becomes second thought. I don't even realize that I do it...Have to do it without losing a beat... Never even think about it, but I do find that it is one of the most-often commented topics from those who watch musicians (who have music) play. How do they turn those pages??!! :))
    Lovely post...tremendous music.
    I thank you for sharing.
    And yes. Do stay out of trouble my friend! :)))
    Sending you great big smiles.


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