Saturday, 4 February 2012

Two Funeral Sketches Not To Be Missed

Now we all agree that funerals should be sad and sombre events. We have all attended them and we have all shed tears. Yet somehow, when out of context, I detect some funerals can be vehicles for amusement - that is when things go wrong or when something occurs completely out of the ordinary.

This Dick Emery sketch caught my eye recently and I could not help but laugh! Hmm! sorry!!

And, of course, my mind is cast back to the famous Dave Allen funeral sketch, which I posted over a year ago. I am repeating this so those who missed it have another chance to share the fun.


  1. Two videos that made me laugh too, Eddie!

  2. Totally hilarious! ROFL! We laughed till we cried! LOL Always a lot of fun going on over here! LOL Great post, Eddie!

    And no, I'm not a robot. LOL


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