Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Rod Stewart is singing about Maggie May again

Rod Stewart Is Fabulous And I Never Realised It

I saw an ITV Concert recently when Rod Stewart did a one night only performance.
It blew me away - never before did I even consider him to listen to his music. He is a born showman and performer and as a rock singer is fabulous. I was rivetted to the TV and I am a classical music man!

Could not record it but I found this famous performance in the Albert Hall 2004 of him singing Maggie May with his mate Ronnie Woods, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones.

Obviously my sister must have made an impression on him in her distant past.


  1. Rod Stewart has the most incredible 'husky' voice...and I'm just soooo excited that he recognizes and pays tribute to our Maggie. :))
    A great post... (I know someone who loves his sister verrrrrrry much. Give her a hug for me, Eddie.)

  2. Gosh you were quick, Jackie!
    Did he sing a song about you as well?
    Come on what was it?


  3. Okay...so I'm sneaking over...shhh...I'm NOT here...Glad to see Maggie so featured!! That man has great taste...and you, my friend, are the most loyal brother ever!!! Hugs, Janine

  4. I have always loved his song and oh I should of known this song was about Maggie....big hugs to her Eddie.......:-) Hugs

  5. Hi Janine and Bernie
    Great to see you, and Jckie earlier too.
    Janine - love the photo.
    Bernie - love your hairstyle, very nice.
    Maggie - where are you?

    Another good song by Rod is, "You wear it well"
    and you ladies certainly do.
    And the lady playing the Manoline in the band is a bit of alright as well! LOL
    Love her smile.

  6. Blast....... my secret is out! Now everybody knows!
    Where do you think I got my name from? I have always loved that song and Rod Stewart.......... he still has it, doesn't he?

    Nuts in May


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