Sunday 21 March 2010

Riverdance Beckons

Thinking of taking up Irish Tap Dancing now I have a new hip LOL
Do you think I'm up to it? Do you think the hip is up to it after just 5 weeks?
How the heck do they move their legs so quickly - and ALL in unison?

Looking for a partner - anyone interested?

Move over Michael Flatley!!

Seriously, came across the You Tube yesterday and reminded me of when I used to marvel at the dancing. The finale is superb.

I bet none of these dancers have leg circulation problems nor varacose veins!

This You Tube has a few other great takes on it.


  1. No thanks. I'll pass. I'll end up needing hip surgery after busting out a few of those moves.

  2. They are wonderful!!!
    I would love to see them in person, one day.
    Please....refrain from River Dancing...until you get the go ahead from your doctor.
    After that.... Go Eddie!!!!

  3. I LOVE Riverdance and would really like to see it in person one day...I hear they may be coming to Washington, D.C. Will have to look into that...As for your dancing? I'm with Jackie...wait until you receive the go ahead from your physician...and then, pleeeeease get someone to tape it...It would make one heckuva blog post ;-) Hugs, Janine

  4. I too love Riverdance and plan on seeing them at some time.......don't quite think you are ready for this much action my friend, wait a while yet okay..........:-) Hugs

  5. Wow, that's some mighty fine dancing! Did I ever mention that I took tap dancing for 10 years, and it is one of my favorite activities, at home? I think that you could start out with a nice Cajun waltz and work your way up to the Riverdance. And yes, I would be delighted to share any dance with you, cher! :)

  6. Common injuries incurred to some Irish Dancers :-
    Shin Splints is a common term used to refer to shin pain. The dancers would most often get, an overworked posterior tibialis. A bad case of shin splints can turn into stress fractures on the bone two or three inches above the ankle.
    Impacted joints as knee, ankle,foot and toe injuries, Achillies tendons.

    Incidentally race horses also get shin splints and when that occurs they are humanely destroyed!

  7. I bet they are all laid up with arthritis and torn tendons! Sour grapes perhaps!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Five weeks is a bit too soon for any kind of dancing isn't it? Take your time to fully recover. I'm 49 and had my hidious painful varicose veins done at Derby city general hospital on xmas eve just gone. I went back to work after just 3 weeks, by half way through February I had just about recovered totally. Now you got my attention with the Riverdance troup, brilliant artists aren't they? If they do have these problems they keep them well hidden. ;)

  9. Bet they have loads of repetitive strain injuries!
    Eddie, I'd LOVE to see a video of you doing Riverdance- even a 2 minute one!

  10. Mimi - I think you'd be lucky to get a 2 second vudeo! LOL


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